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Applause is an award-winning literary journal housed at the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith. Volumes 1 - 28 are physically held at the Boreham Library and, with the exceptions of volumes 9, 11-17, and 26-27, are made avaiable here. Volumes 9, 11-17, and 26-27 appear as metadata only.


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    Applause [2018]
    (UA Fort Smith, 2018) Brooks, Lissa; Hill, Makayla; Dixon, Nikolle; Schmuck, Hunter; Archer, Victoria; Hill, Lauren
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    Applause Literary Journal [2017]
    (UA Fort Smith, 2017) Fore, Jamie; Fryhover, Ahna; Parrott, Rebeca; Fletcher, Cheyenne C.; Schmuck, Hunter; Whitehouse, Anne; Punky, M.K.; Harms, Liz; Sneed, Aubrey; Thrower, Lynette; Bush, Lydia; Sewall, Tace; Angstman, Leah; Gore, Nicholas; Squier, Carrie; Young, Beth; Flanders, Madison; Day, Kolt; House, Tulsa; Sysco, Saskia; Gerard, Christian Anton; Westcamp, Carol; Fletcher, Cheyenne C.; Hill, Makayla; Harms, Liz; Fryhover, Ahna; Fore, Jamie; Brooks, Lissa; Ortiz, Jazmin; Young, Beth; Corbin, Amanda; Hales, Gabe; Mistry, Heli; Summers, Krystal; House, Tulsa; Hill, Lauren; Thrower, Lynette; Martin, Taylor; Brown, Rhonda; Reith, Addie; Earnhart, Sara; Schmuck, Hunter; Stenger, Jade; Dixon, Nikolle; Miranda, Sherman; Brown, Cameron; Squier, Carrie; Beckner, Charlene; Schlicker, Isabella; Cervantes, Veronica
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    Applause Literary Journal [2016]
    (UA Fort Smith, 2016) Staton, Hannah; Bush, Lydia; Young, Beth; Riddle, James Charles; Harms, Liz; Cozort, Lindee; Irwin, Damien; Schmuck, Hunter; Dixon, Nikolle; Emmert, Jeffery; Hill, Amy; Cullen, B. Patrick; Fryhover, Ahna; Emerson, Laken; Fletcher, Cheyenne C.; House, Tulsa; Brannan, Chelsie; Olson, Patricia; Station, Hannah; Corbin, Amanda; Smith, Regina; Gerard, Christian Anton; Westcamp, Carol; Harms, Liz; Fletcher, Cheyenne C.; Emerson, Laken; Young, Beth; Riddle, James Charles; Ho, Quan; Corbin, Amanda; Parker, Darcy; Olson, Patricia; Staton, Hannah; Smith, Regina; Parker, Darcy; Bradford, James; Carbajal, Kari; Corbin, Amanda; Cozort, Lindee; Cullen, B. Patrick; Dixon, Nikolle; Earnhart, Sara; Emmert, Jeffery; Fryhover, Ahna; Hill, Makayla; Olson, Patricia; Smith, Kasey; Stenger, Jade
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    Applause [2015]
    (UA Fort Smith, 2015) Post, C.W.; Irwin, Damien; Emerson, Laken; Dixon, Nikolle; Epperson, Jessica; Riddle, James Charles; Parker, Darcy; Harms, Liz; Ha, Christopher; Corbin, Amanda; Stamps, Rebekah; Bolin, Nick; Gerard, Christian; Westcamp, Carol; Post, Colby; Epperson, Jessica; Harms, Liz; Emerson, Laken; Epperson, Jessica; Blake, Cheyenne; Ha, Christopher; Fletchers, Cheyenne; Lovell, Christina
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    Applause [2014]
    (UA Fort Smith, 2014) Weisenfels, Jessica B.; McAteer, Pat; Miller, Staci; VanDyke, Tim; Neu, Christy; Post, C.W.; Ward, Rocky; Yedrysek, Sasha; Miranda, Lindsay; Westcamp, Carol; Corley, Rhiannon J.; Miller, Staci; Lee, Constance; Newman, Martin; Blanton, Talia; Russell, Lorene; Hickman, Jalisia; Weisenfels, Jessica B.; Bradford, James; DeBose Jr., Carl; Epperson, Jessica; Hokkit, Carrie; Miranda, Sherman; Post, Colby; Sura, Ashley; Whorton, Kassandra; Woodard, Corey