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The South Sebastian County Historical Society journal, The Key, is published annually. The publication includes family and local histories, indexes of historic community members, events, and government records, and announcements of society member's birthdays, anniversaries, and deaths. The journal is richly illustrated with photographs.


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    The Key: Summer 1983
    (South Sebastian County Historical Society, Inc., 1983) Roop, B.O.; Williams, Lefa M.; Coatney, Gussie Stanfill; Stanfill, Claunts; Upchurch, Grace; Gentry, Enyard Walter; Boyd, Frank; Wilkinson, Stanhope Means; Moore, Nancy (Harris); Harris, Mrs. John C.; Strang, E.E.; Graham, Lena; Allen, William Ellis; Barber Jr., Mrs. E.E.; Heynes, Mrs. Martin; Williams, Jeanetta L.; Smith, Marjorie; Cirar, Mary; Gentry, E.W.; Stewart, Mrs. W.J.; McGee, Mona; Norried, Mary Evelyn (Hurt); Kramer, Nadine Miller; Cormack, Lena; Haddack, Louise; Wyatt, Norma L. (Bassett); Melderlein, Georgia D.; Wingfield, Lilly; Manning, Wanda; Spoon, Madge Reed; Kramer, Nadine; Robinson, Willie Irvin
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    The Key: Summer 1982
    (South Sebastian County Historical Society, Inc., 1982) Couch, Mary L.; Heynen, Martin; Jenkins, Helen; Johnston, Mescal; Guthrie, Geneva; Newquest, Minnie Claude (Pruitt); Hicks, Evelyn E.; Fitzjarrald, Sarah; Whitt, Joseph P.; Pyles, Evelyn J.; Wingfield, Lilly; Miller, Maxine Manuel; Little, Freed Sebastian; Little, John Edward; Vertrees, Mary E.; Basham, Tommy; McGee, Mona Basham; Bernardin, Evelyn Sharp; Alvarez, H.G.; Szegedin, Estella
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    The Key: Fall 1982
    (South Sebastian County Historical Society, Inc., 1982) Robinson, Willie Irvin; Joiner, Inis A.; Keck, Dorothy; Gentry, E.W.; Lowther, Luella; Rogers, Jane; Gibson, Lillian L.; Bryan, Horace; Heynen, Pauline; Alvarez, H.G.
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    The Key: Summer 1981
    (South Sebastian County Historical Society, Inc., 1981) Clark, Marie; Wilson, Exie Tucker; Watts, Walter H.; Brooks, Robert Autry; Lowther, Luella; Spencer, Hugh N.; Couch, Mary L.; Horace, Bryan; McKinney Jr., Donald R.; Mizell, Martha; Hannah, Thelma; Wingfield, Lilly; Pyles, Evelyn J. Nance; Priest, Bobby Jeanne Shaw
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    The Key: Summer 1980
    (South Sebastian County Historical Society, Inc., 1980) Des Champs, John Lefeber; Couch, Mary L.; Haddock, Louise; Graham, Ruth Robinson; Holbrook, Irene B.; Cormack, Lena Williams; Coatney, Gussie Stanfill; Jones, Clara Dickson; Carter, Annie C.; Smith, Mary Phelps; Jenkins, Helen; Green, Woody; Wilson, Terry; Martin, Art Bradley; Hollister, Jim; Smith, Betty; Johnson, Josephine; Carter, John; Lassen, Mrs. John; McCorkle, LaVerne; Jenkins, Helen; Wingfield, Lilly; Hubbard, Virginia Witcher; Alvarez, H.G.; Szegedin, Estella