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Yearbooks from Fort Smith Junior College, Westark Community College, Westark College, and University of Arkansas - Fort Smith, beginning with the 1929 edition. Yearbooks may not have been published for every year. Administration, faculty, students, organizations, and activities are all chronicled in the Numas.


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    A Day in the Life of Us: Numa 2003
    (UA Fort Smith, 2003) Coker, Marcus; Michael, Lydia; Jesse, Biffy; LaFontaine, Suzanne; Noblitt, Nichol; Norin, Alexis; Martin, Laura; Higginbotham, Marie; Chaffin, Leesha; Myers, Brian; Bly, Scott; Norin, Lori
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    We are UA Fort Smith: Numa 2002
    (UA Fort Smith, 2002) Coker, Marcus; Michael, Lydia; Jesse, Biffy; LaFontaine, Suzanne; Martin, Laura; Garner, Jessica; Cook, Amanda; Haney, Brent; Higginbotham, Marie; Montemayer, Candice; Hamilton, Amy; Norin, Lori
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    A New Focus: Numa 2001
    (Westark College, 2001) Coker, Marcus; Norin, Alexis; Tabor, Amy; LaFontaine, Suzanne; Martin, Laura; Terjima, Nobuyuki; Widick, Tonja; Norin, Alexis; Kayl, Talia; Norin, Lori
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    Let It Begin: 2000 Numa
    (Westark College, 2000) Norin, Lori; Duffin, EuJene; Wilson, Melissa; Kershner, Frankie; Norin, Alexis; Norwood, Trissa; Card, Sherry; Lee, Susie; LaFontaine, Suzanne; Rushing, Jason; Burrows, Lori; Lambert, Holly; Davis, Angie
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    & Further More: 1999 Numa
    (Westark College, 1999) Duffin, EuJene; King, Randy; King, Penny; McCoy, Tonya; Norin, Alexis; Rutherford, Michael; Card, Sherry; Hietanen, Jennifer; Baldwin, Ben; Pope, Debbie; Wright, Rosemary